6 Creepy Things Guys Do on a Date

Coming off as a creep is never a good thing in a dating situation. It doesn’t matter whether you are going on a first date in hopes of a long-term relationship, or if you’re just meeting up with someone in hopes of having a casual encounter. In both of those situations, if the woman determines one or more of your actions to be creepy, your chances of moving forward take a nosedive.

6 Creepiest Things Guys Do on a Date

This means that one of the cardinal rules that should be followed in order to have a successful date as a man is to avoid coming off as a creep. This requires two things. First, you must be aware of some of the most common behaviors that can make you look creepy. Second, you must understand that even though you may not intentionally be trying to be creepy, if a woman perceives you to be creepy you’ll still pay the consequences.

Always wanting the best for our male readers, we have compiled a list of six creepy behaviors that you should avoid.

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1- “Funky” Attire

Creepy Things Men Do on Dates - Creepy Dressers

By “funky attire” we are not referring to the style or quality of your fashion choices. Style and quality do affect your overall image but they alone will not make you come off as creepy. Rather, we are referring to how you wear your fashion choices. This means that men can suffer from “funky attire syndrome” regardless of their economic status. It is easy to turn an inexpensive piece of clothing into a form of funky attire as it is to turn an expensive piece of clothing into one.

This is because all that is required is for you to wear it badly. Unbuttoning one too many buttons on a shirt, wearing pants that are way too tight and reveal too much bulge, excessive accessories, etc. Trust us, even if you have something to show off in any of those areas, that is not the way to do it.

The majority of women when asked about men and funky attire agreed that it creates a creepy impression. That means even if you are not a creepy sort of guy, you will still predispose your date to think of you as such if you pimp out your fashion style.

2- The Starer

Creepy Things Men Do on Dates - Staring

Who is a starer? This is the sort of guy that fixes his sight on his date in such a way that it begins to creep her out. It will seem as if they never have a need to blink and that they are trying to slice into their date’s soul with their eyes. Some describe it as a fixed gaze combined with a fixed grin reminiscent of someone who would look at ease driving around in a windowless van offering kids free candy.

Men who do this often believe that they are doing a positive thing. They feel that they are establishing and maintaining eye contact which, when done correctly, is a good thing. However, the way they do it is so intense that instead of demonstrating attentiveness it leaves a woman with a feeling that they are dealing with a potential psychopath.

So, yes, you do want to maintain eye contact. Just do it in such a way that you also incorporate other elements, such as varying your facial expressions, blinking, and occasionally looking away. Avoid expressionless staring that is constant — that will not help you at all.

3- Expensive Gifts Too Soon

Creepy Things Men Do on Dates - Too Many Gifts

You’d figure that giving an expensive gift to your date would always be a good thing. Well, partner, that just isn’t so.

The basic rule of thumb that you should follow whenever you’re inclined to give a woman an expensive gift revolves around the timing of it. If it occurs very early on — such as the first time that you are meeting in person — it will create a bit of awkwardness that will seem creepy to her.

Also, if the woman perceives that your gift is being given in anticipation of some sort of physical reciprocity on her part, that is really going to give you a creepy aura in her eyes.

This means that you should hold off on giving expensive gifts until the timing is right. Usually, this will be after you have reached one or two milestones in the relationship. In the case of casual encounters, gifting of any kind should routinely be avoided.

4- Being a Snob or a Show-Off

Creepy Things Men Do on Dates - Snob or Showoff

In dating, as with most other activities in life, being a snob or a show-off is not going to benefit you. Women will rightfully interpret snobbish behavior as you just being an a-hole. That will only result in you losing points in her eyes. If such behavior is persistent throughout the date, she will even begin to see it as creepy.

While it is okay to demonstrate your particular knowledge in a certain area — such as wine or food — just don’t overdo it. Also, never be rude to any of the service staff that attend you. Be respectful to your date and to those around you.

5- Obsessing About Mommy

Creepy Things Men Do on Dates - Snob or Showoff

Whether you have an Oedipus complex or not, that is a matter between you and your shrink. However, constantly bringing up your mother during a date as a topic of conversation is definitely going to sound creepy. Put yourself in your date’s place. If you were to hear some dude constantly talking about his mom, what opinion would you develop of him?

In all likelihood, you would find him to be either extremely needy, easily manipulated, passive, or simply obsessed with his mom. Either of those situations is going to create a very creepy vibe. It will also make it seem like he can’t focus on you.

6- Constantly Checking Her Out

Creepy Things Men Do on Dates - Ogling

Nothing will irk a woman more than being ogled visually by her date. It is one thing to be impressed by the physical beauty of a woman, it is another to creepily check her out every time she moves. If you spend the majority of the time looking at her breasts, legs, or butt she is going to notice. No matter how nonchalant you think you are, she will catch you. When she does, 99 percent of the time she’s going to think you’re some sort of creep.

— It’s Easy not Being Creepy —

Some guys come off as creepy even though they are not real creeps. This article was intended for them. If you are a creep and enjoy being a creep, there is very little benefit that you will get out of this article. However, for the rest of you — those guys who don’t want to be described as creepy — start by avoiding the behaviors listed above. Follow that up with a little common sense during your date and you will find that all of a sudden women will be far more receptive to you.