OlderWomenDating Review — The site for MILFs, Sugar Mommas and Cubs

Recently, we conducted a review of OlderWomenDating. If you are an older woman or a younger man seeking their company, we suggest you give it a read. It will shed light on what you can expect if you join.

OlderWomenDating Review

OlderWomenDating Review Results
  • Popularity - 57
  • Value - 63
  • Features - 65
  • Quality of Members - 59
  • Safety - 62
  • Customer Satisfaction - 59

Final Word on OlderWomenDating

It was our observation that OlderWomenDating is in the process of a modernization phase. The addition of mobile apps is certain to give it a boost in popularity. We were not pleased to encounter fake profiles and chatbots on the site, but at least they were kept to a minimum.

Overall, we feel that OlderWomenDating offers a good user experience and as long as you engage frequently on the platform you should be able to meet the older woman or younger man of your dreams.

We would rate OlderWomenDating as GOOD.

— Pros and Cons —


  • The site has been in continuous operation since 2001
  • Web-based and Android versions available
  • iOS version coming soon
  • Decent 3 to 1 male-to-female gender ratio
  • Features are standard but easy to use and navigate


  • Men require a paid membership in order to get full functionality
  • Must link a Facebook account or mobile number to register
  • Some fake profiles are present on the site

— In-Depth OlderWomenDating Review —

OlderWomenDating Homepage

It’s a fact, the barriers of age involving dating have definitely come down. Unlike the social conventions of the recent past, in the present day older women getting together with younger men for fun, romance, and sex is no longer seen as taboo.

While there are many dating sites dedicated to older women and younger men, few have been around as long as OlderWomenDating.com. In continuous operation since 2001, it dates back to a time when such encounters were not so conventional. This means that it should bring a decent level of experience to the table.

— Availability —

OlderWomenDating started as a website-based platform in 2001. It is presently still accessible on any web browser. However, it has also added a native mobile app for Android devices that is available on Google Play. An app for iOS devices is scheduled to be launched in the near future. For the purposes of our testing, we used both the browser-based and Android versions.

— Target Audience —

OlderWomenDating is designed with an aesthetic aimed at attracting mature females to its user base. The site was developed to accommodate older women seeking the company of younger men for everything from plutonic friendship to long-term relationships to no-strings-attached sexual encounters.

Technically, there are no age limits, aside from all members being over the age of 18, in order to join OlderWomenDating. However, the community encourages that members stick to the older woman and younger man paradigm. The site has done a good job over the years cultivating this type of mixture. During our testing, we found over 80 percent of the women to be between the ages of 35 and 55 while over 80 percent of the males were below the age of 30.

The gender ratio on OlderWomenDating is approximately three males for every one female. While that might sound lopsided, in fact, it is quite decent by online dating industry standards.

— Registration Process —

To register for an account on OlderWomenDating you must either link your Facebook account to the site or select the manual registration option.

Registering by linking your Facebook account is the fastest way to do so. The site will import you’re basic identifying information from Facebook along with your profile image. It will not post on your Facebook timeline nor will it contact anyone from your friends’ list.

The manual registration requires you to submit information about yourself and what you’re looking to find on the site.


OlderWomenDating Registration 3

OlderWomenDating Registration 4

When our testers used the manual method of registration a few did encounter some issues in receiving the verification SMS message on their cell phone. In two out of four instances, the SMS message did not come through. To resolve the problem, the testers had to wait 45 minutes to reregister. In both cases, the second time was the charm.

— Image Policy —

Images that the site imports from your Facebook account during the registration process are automatically authorized to be used on OlderWomenDating. When it comes to uploading other pictures of yourself, however, those images must undergo a human verification process. This can take as long as 24 hours. During our testing, the average approval time for images was eight hours.

The site does not allow users to post nudity or sexually suggestive images in the public areas of the site. For images that may be considered a little risque, OlderWomenDating offers private albums. The images that you uploaded to these albums can only be seen by other members who you authorize.

— Features —

The features available on OlderWomenDating are pretty standard. There is a text-based online chat module as well as an email-style messaging platform. These two features are the only way for members to communicate with each other.

The search and people discovery functions of OlderWomenDating are anchored by an attribute-based search engine. This allows members to conduct basic as well as advanced searches based on the individual attributes listed by the members on their profiles.

OlderWomenDating Search Criteria

Discovering new people on the site can be done through the aforementioned searches or through a discovery game that is nothing more than your traditional swipe left to pass, swipe right to like module.

Our testers found what they considered to be an Easter egg among the site’s secondary features. In the section which the site classifies as “blogs,” you will actually find what for all practical purposes functions more like a forum. Each member can start their own “blog” and host different threads within it.

OlderWomenDating Blog

Other members can then comment on your threads. Our testers found that this was a very effective — although underused — method for meeting people.

— Cost —

Women who register on the site can get full membership for free. Men can choose between a free or gold membership. The free membership is extremely limited and in our opinion does not provide the user with sufficient access to the site’s features to make it worthwhile.

A gold membership removes all limitations on the communication features and also allows for use of the advanced search option. Being perfectly honest, without those two features being activated the site would be practically useless.

OlderWomenDating Cost

A gold membership has a cost of $29.95 per month. You are also given the option to pay for three months in advance for $59.95, or six months for $95.95. You can pay using a major credit card, PayPal, or by sending a money order or personal check.

OlderWomenDating ways of payment

— User Experience —

Our testers found the overall user experience on OlderWomenDating to be positive. However, it is not without its issues. Chief among these is the presence of fake profiles. They are not numerous enough to overwhelm and suffocate the user experience, but they are present. They seem to only affect male members. As can be expected, the purpose of these fake profiles and chatbots are to encourage men with free accounts to upgrade to a gold membership.

Even so, there are still a sufficient number of genuine members that OlderWomenDating can lead to a decent number of real-world encounters.