SCISSR App Review — A Place for LGBTQ+ Women, No Dudes, No Fakes

We recently conducted a review of SCISSR and gained practical experience in how the app functions. If you want to meet and engage with other women like yourself, give our SCISSR app review a read. You should find it to be just the sort of guide you need to determine if SCISSR is right for you.

SCISSR App Review

SCISSR App Review Results
  • Popularity - 68
  • Value - 82
  • Features - 74
  • Quality of Members - 82
  • Safety - 77
  • Customer Satisfaction - 79

Final Word on SCISSR

We found SCISSR to be a well-rounded app for LGBTQ+ women. The platform is updated frequently and the development and management team take the task of keeping it safe and free of trolls seriously. If you have been looking for a place where you can be yourself, find romance, friendship, or whatever — SCISSR should be a good fit for you.

We would rate SCISSR as VERY GOOD.

— Pros and Cons —


  • Completely free to use without limitations
  • Does a good job at keeping men and trolls off the platform
  • The app has a strong community feel
  • Ideal for finding long-term partners, casual encounters, and friendships
  • Simple but effective set of features


  • Less densely populated areas have lower levels of activity and members
  • Must link to your Facebook account to register
  • Lacks a desktop version

— In-Depth SCISSR App Review —


Over the last five years, the number of dating sites and apps dedicated to LGBTQ+ women has grown in number. Unfortunately, while the number of platforms increases, the level of user experience that they offer remains stagnant. Even apps as popular as “HER” receive less than lackluster comments from some of its user base.

SCISSR is an LGBTQ+ dating app that has been around since 2015. It has not been until quite recently, however, that it has started to gain some traction among its target demographic.

On the surface, it appears slick, modern, and user-friendly. Its promotional material makes it out to be a fun and safe platform that provides LGBTQ+ women the perfect venue to be themselves, meet, date, and develop an online community that transcends into real life.

Conceptually and promotionally, that is how SCISSR is laid out to be. The question is, how does it perform in the real world?

— The Users —

SCISSR is designed for LGBTQ+ women by LGBTQ+ women. This means that it is inclusive of all lesbian identities — dyke, queer, gay, lesbian, bisexual, and bi-curious. The app does not favor one identity over another. In style and content, it is inclusive and welcoming.

When it comes to age, ethnicity, and location, SCISSR is equally as inclusive. During our testing, we found all ages — 18 through 55 — well-represented on the app. The same can be said about ethnicity. In terms of the geographic distribution of the SCISSR user base, we found that over 75 percent indicated that they were located in an urban or large metropolitan area. More rural areas did have members present but their level of engagement seemed to be less active.

— The Platform —

SCISSR is available as a mobile app for Android and iOS devices. It does not have a desktop version but it does have a website that provides users with information about the app as well as a community-oriented blog. This can be found at

The app can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store. It is free to download, install, and use. There is no paid version of SCISSR. All of the features are made to be free to use by all registered members.

— Registration Process —

SCISSR uses Facebook validation as a part of its registration process. This means that new users must link their Facebook account to SCISSR.

According to the developers, this is done to ensure that only women gain access to the site. The app does not post to your Facebook account.

As far as the effectiveness of keeping men and trolls off the platform, it seems to do a fair job. Our testers did encounter a handful of suspect profiles, but for the most part, the community of members found on SCISSR appears to be genuine. This, in turn, creates a feeling of safety and community that makes you comfortable in opening up and engaging with other members.

— User Profiles and Images —

We found the user profiles on SCISSR to combine simplicity and usefulness. Each user is given the opportunity to provide the basic information about herself. This includes age, hair color, height, ethnicity, sexual identity, and relationship status. Each user is also provided with space to write a small bio about herself. This is a great place to let your personality shine through. We found that some users use this bio section to also write a little bit about the type of partner that they are searching for on the platform.

One of the coolest features on SCISSR is its ability to allow users to edit photos that they uploaded to their profile. Unlike other dating apps that post images as they are, on SCISSR you can crop, adjust the positioning, lighting, and even apply filters to your images right from the app. We found this to be a great time saver.

— Features —


The features available on SCISSR are simple and uncluttered. From an easy to navigate main menu, you can access your own profile, check your messages, invite other friends to the platform, read community-based content, and check out those who have “crushed” your profile.

SCISSR also has a decent search feature.


This allows you to search for other members based on the primary attributes found on user profiles. You can also adjust the distance of the suggested matches compared to your own location.

A list of suggested matches is presented to you in a scrollable format consisting of each woman’s main profile picture, her screen name and approximate distance from you. When you come across a profile that you are interested in, you can click on it and her bio page will open. From there, you can click on the “crush” button — which is for all intensive purposes a “like” button — or you can add them to your “wish list.” By adding someone to your wish list you can monitor their status updates and attempt to make contact with them later. Also, if the user happens to be online at that moment you can request to start a private message with them.

The messaging functionality on SCISSR is text-based. You can attach images and sound files if you wish. It is nothing fancy, but it performs its job well.