FlingNearby.com — Is this a Scam or Should I Join?

FlingNearby - Scam or Not

I have been seeing some ads on one of the major tube sites lately advertising FlingNearby.com. Is this some sort of scam? I had a look and I don’t understand how to sign up. Wherever I click, I get thrown off the site and end up elsewhere. Anyone have any experience with this site? I’ve seem the ads a few times this week and I’ve been wondering how well this works to actually find flings.

Unfortunately, no one on our team had heard of Flingnearby until you brought it to our attention.

I had a quick look.

You’re not getting “thrown off the site”. Flingnearby is a landing page designed to redirect you elsewhere. At the moment, we are getting linked to FreeHookupAffair on our end. From a different location, it’s possible you’ll encounter a different website.

We haven’t reviewed FreeHookupAffair yet ourselves, however, a quick google search reveals that this site does not seem promising. There are pages upon pages of people complaining about this site being a scam and ripping people off.

I won’t go as far as to say it’s a scam site, it’s simply very misleading to the untrained eye. They bury a lot of pertinent information in their ToS and many people sign up to a paid membership unaware of the actual cost. In fact, most people think it’s free and that they’re simply giving their credit card information to verify their age. This is a tactic many hookup sites have adapted. It’s quite sad and unfortunate. Luckily, there are still mny awesome sites you can use to hook up online.

Your best bet is to stay away from this particular site.

Sites like FreeHookupAffair usually yield NO results and end up costing a lot more than they’re worth and a lot more than you’re expecting.

If Flingnearby redirects you elsewhere and you would like our opinion on that particular site, feel free to contact us again in the future. We’d love to hear from you.