FreeBangBuddies Review — Fact or Fiction?

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Be it beer, parking, upgrades, or even a sample of pastrami on a cracker at your local supermarket — we all love anything that is free.

That being the case, imagine the thrill of finding a hookup site named FreeBangBuddies. Simple logic will tell us that it is a site designed to help you find bang buddies. Wow, that sure beats free shipping and handling!

Does that sound too good to be true? Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. That’s why our intrepid group of testers ventured out into the vastness of the online dating universe and joined FreeBangBuddies to determine what you can expect from it.

Will there be thousands of hot and horny women just waiting to be your bang buddy?

Will you be able to tell all of the other online hookup sites to go screw themselves?

Will it be genuinely free?

Read our full review of FreeBangBuddies and find out where the chips really fall.

freebangbuddies review

FreeBangBuddies Review Results
  • Popularity - 14
  • Value - 4
  • Features - 12
  • Quality of Members - 9
  • Safety - 6
  • Customer Satisfaction - 8

Final Word on FreeBangBuddies is one of those hookup sites that give the industry a bad image. It lacks any redeeming quality and, in our opinion, it uses deceptive tactics to get inexperienced new users to pay for a pathetic set of services.

Our advice to our readers would be to stay clear of FreeBangBuddies.

We would rate the site as AWFUL.

— Pros and Cons —


  • None, zilch, nada


  • Use of any feature requires a paid membership
  • Monthly memberships are expensive compared to other sites
  • Confusing registration page designed to get new users to cough up credit card information
  • Full of fake profiles and chatbots
  • Lack of real women on the site

— In-Depth FreeBangBuddies Review —


When you first visit the first thing that you will notice is the eye candy that it offers. The welcome page consists of a looped background video of a hot woman sitting on a bed removing her top. So far, so good.

Overlaid on top of this, is a registration box with a large blue “search now” button. This area is located immediately below a headline that states, “Start your free membership. Hookup Tonight free!”

In the upper right-hand corner, there is a legend that states, “The premier adult dating site! Hookup tonight 100% free!.” Toward the bottom, but still above the fold, is a single row of tiled images of topless women that visitors are supposed to believe are actual members of FreeBangBuddies.

All in all, the site does its best to create a visual narrative that screams out — you can get laid for free, right here.

— Sad Dose of Reality —

There is nothing that we dislike more — aside from informing people that we’re out of beer and the liquor store is closed — than bursting a person’s bubble regarding their possibilities of getting laid. Unfortunately, our duty to truth and reason makes us have to inform you that the image laid out by FreeBangBuddies of itself is 180-degrees from reality. This will become evident during the registration process and even more so once you are on the main platform.

— Registration Process —

In terms of simplicity, the registration process for FreeBangBuddies is fast and easy. It starts on the welcome page where you must indicate your gender and the gender of the partner that you are seeking. You must also disclose the nature of the type of hookup that you are looking for and your ZIP code.

FreeBangBuddies Registration 1

From there you are redirected to a page where you have to provide basic information about yourself such as your date of birth, email address, and your choice for username and password for the site. You can provide the site with all of the information that they need in less than two minutes.

FreeBangBuddies Registration 2

What came immediately afterward is where any aspirations that we had for FreeBangBuddies completely evaporated. You see, after you provide your basic information you are redirected to a page that is purposely designed to confuse.

On this page, the dominant feature is a box that displays what they refer to as a “secure upgrade form for adults only.”

freebangbuddies-credit card

This form includes a banner that states that it is” 100% free.” However, in very fine print it states that a valid credit card is required for age verification in order to activate your account. Immediately below this, are fields requiring your first and last name, credit card number, expiration date, and CVV2 number.

In the lower right-hand corner of the page, there is an information box displayed in a small-sized font that explains how charges on your credit card will appear on your statement. There’s also a checkbox that is selected by default that states “please upgrade me to a VIP membership.”

freebangbuddies extra charges

Below all of this is a convoluted explanation about gold premium memberships, VIP memberships, and special upgrades for mobile access and services to a third party site called

What does all of this mean? Quite simply if you are not eagle-eyed during this part of the registration process you are going to get screwed and not in a good way. The site charges $49.95 for one month of their gold premium membership, plus an additional $49.61 per month for their VIP membership, plus another $49.87 per month for access to the third-party site. In total, that’s nearly $150 per month!

You may be asking, “but isn’t it free?” Well, registering on the site is free, using its features, however, requires payment.

— Is It Worth It? —

As it should now be clear to you, the only “free” part about FreeBangBuddies is registering for an account. Anything else requires a hefty payment. That being said, is it worth it?

The answer to that question is a resounding NO. Once we accessed the FreeBangBuddies platform all that we encountered were fake profiles and chatbots. Basically, all of the nasty tricks that you want to avoid in a hookup site are present in FreeBangBuddies. Per our testers evaluation, there wasn’t a single profile belonging to a woman on the site that appeared to be genuine.