Fruzo Review — Is it Groundbreaking or Anticlimactic?

If you are tired of the same old online dating paradigm, if you are longing for something new and fresh, Fruzo might be the platform that you have been seeking.

The enthusiasm behind the marketing and development of Fruzo is definitely exciting. Yet, excitement is one thing, results are another. We conducted a review of Fruzo to determine if it is really changing the way people date online. Are they really changing things or are they just slapping a new coat of paint on an old building and calling it groundbreaking?

If you’re curious to find out where Fruzo really stands, make sure to check out our review.

Fruzo Review

Fruzo Review Results
  • Popularity - 61
  • Value - 68
  • Features - 60
  • Quality of Members - 54
  • Safety - 70
  • Customer Satisfaction - 65

Final Word on Fruzo

When it comes to passing final judgment on any online dating platform, it is important to focus on the results that the average user can expect from the platform. In that regard, Fruzo does not fail, but it definitely does not rise to the top of its class either.

We have already expressed our disappointment with its premier "groundbreaking" feature, the "random video chat." The rest of its features, although pretty routine, were not that dismal. For those who have the time and proclivity to engage frequently on Fruzo, they may see some positive results in terms of meeting potential matches. For everyone else, however, Fruzo would likely remain categorized under the "meh" category.

We would rate Fruzo as AVERAGE. It definitely is not groundbreaking nor paradigm shifting.

— Pros and Cons


  • Generous 30-day trial period
  • Clean and modern look
  • Available for desktop, Android, and iOS
  • Incorporates social network style features to its platform


  • Registration requires synching to your Facebook account
  • Random video chat feature is a flop
  • Engagement is on par — or slightly less — than other dating platforms

— In-Depth Fruzo App Review —

Fruzo Dating App

Online dating sites first appeared on the scene in the 1990s. Since then, a lot of things have happened. Innovations in technology, internet speed — you name it — if it existed in the 90s and still exists today it has undergone some level of change.

Some online dating platforms, however, seem to be stuck in a rut set in the past. They keep offering the same features over and over again. A routine established back when the Backstreet Boys were still a thing is still used today. You know the process — search through pictures of other members, chat online, and hopefully meet in person. In other words, rinse, lather, and repeat.

An online dating site named claims to be changing the status quo. They describe their service as combining the best elements of social media with cam-to-cam chatting.

— The Fruzo Concept —

When online dating platforms like Fruzo hit the scene and start making claims about their “groundbreaking” new concept, our “Spidey senses” perk-up. We like to probe around and see just how groundbreaking they really are.

With Fruzo, the entirety of its “groundbreaking” claims revolve around the function which allows its members to engage in video chats. They highlight how members who like each other can first engage in a video chat before meeting in person.

To be perfectly honest, if a dating platform wants to present itself as an innovator in the online dating industry, they should have something more than just video chat functionality under the hood. Sadly, Fruzo does not. In fact, none of its features can be called original.

While it is true that not every online dating platform offers video chat functionality, the reality is that most do not because there’s no real demand for it. The majority of people who are members of online dating sites have access to free video chatting apps of their own. Whether it’s FaceTime, Skype, Viber — or any of the multitude of options that are out there — if people want to have a video chat with someone that they met online, they are more than capable of doing so. Offering an internal video chat feature and hyping it as the peak of innovation seems desperate at best, pathetic at worst.

— Accessing Fruzo —

Fruzo App Availability

Fruzo can be accessed via your computer’s browser or through native mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. The user interface is clean and modern. Our testers did not encounter any technical issues with either the desktop or mobile versions. In terms of technical performance, we must give Fruzo credit.

— Registration Process —

Fruzo Dating App Registration

In order to register for an account on Fruzo, you must link your existing Facebook account to it. Don’t worry, Fruzo respects your privacy. They will not post anything and they won’t rummage through your friends’ list. Fruzo, like so many other dating platforms, simply uses Facebook as a way to verify that you are a real person and to source the basic information required to populate your Fruzo profile.

— Fruzo Features —

If you join Fruzo don’t expect to be wowed by their features. It has a basic search function that allows you to search for potential matches by age range, gender, relationship status, and location. Fruzo allows its members to upload an unlimited number of images to their profile. Other members can browse through images and choose whether or not they want to contact a particular member. Fruzo also has a social network level of functionality that allows you to “friend” other members and to monitor their status updates.

Fruzo’s premier feature is random video chat. If you have ever been on sites such as Chatroulette or Omegle, that is basically what it looks like.

You are presented with a random selection of Fruzo members who are broadcasting live from their cam. While you can access this feature with your cam blocked, you will receive a nag screen reminding you that you will have a much better chance of engaging with someone if you turn on your cam feed.

Our testers reported that this feature didn’t bring any substantive benefit to the user experience. They stated that the majority of the feeds were as you would expect — either out-of-focus, poorly lit, or displaying someone who thought it was a good idea to “expose” him or herself to the world. Meaningful chats did not develop from this feature.

In our opinion, the random video chat feature on Fruzo is a waste of time. It is all novelty with little substance. If you want to engage with other Fruzo members you will have better luck using the standard search feature or browsing through static images. You can request a chat with another member at any time. If they are online, they have the option to reply immediately. If not, they will receive a notification and could reply to you later.

— Cost —

When you first register on Fruzo you get a 30-day free trial period. If you wish to continue using Fruzo after those 30 days, you need to pay for a subscription.

A one-week subscription will cost you $11.99, one-month $29.99, and three months paid upfront will cost you $49.99. It should be noted that all of these subscriptions are renewed automatically if you do not cancel your membership before they expire.