GirlFriendsMeet Review — Small But VERY Active Community

Girlfriendsmeet’s popularity has recently seen a spike and the site is being embraced by the LGBT community. We thought this would be the perfect time to join and bring you our in-depth Girlfriendsmeet review.

GirlFriendsMeet Review

GirlFriendsMeet Review Results
  • Popularity - 72
  • Value - 89
  • Features - 88
  • Quality of Members - 87
  • Safety - 89
  • Customer Satisfaction - 91

My Final Word on GirlFriendsMeet

GirlFriendsMeet to me was just the sort of site I was looking for — free, honest, safe and designed specifically for lesbian and bisexual women. Beyond its comparability matching features, it is the feeling of community that I love most about the site. I would rate this site as ABOVE AVERAGE. I would encourage women who are lesbian, bisexual, or just curious, to give this dating site a try.

— Pros and Cons of GirlFriendsMeet —


  • Really free to use
  • Robust features to search for a match
  • Feeling of community
  • Great comparability matching features
  • Excellent messaging and chat tools


  • No mobile apps
  • Users in smaller communities may find a low volume of local matches

— In-Depth GirlFriendsMeet Review —


As a bisexual woman seeking to find a long-term relationship, I have often felt marginalized by the traditional mold of online dating sites. While most of those sites happily welcome members from the LGBT community, they are structured more to cater to the heterosexual community. Everything on those sites — from their marketing material to the demographics of their user-base — is hetero-centric. Some of those sites even have a disproportionately large percentage of male members. When all of these details are taken in the aggregate, they do not result in a dating site conducive to making romantic matches for lesbian and bisexual women.

There are niche sites that do cater to our community — some are more well known than others. Today I am writing about my personal experience with This site combines the elements of a social network with that of a dating site. If you are a lesbian, bisexual, bi-curious or pansexual female, I urge you to read my review. Hopefully, it will provide you with insight — not just on the functionality of this site — but also on the online dating environment for the lesbian community as a whole.

— Upfront and Open —

At first glance, the homepage for GirlFriendsMeet shares a lot visually with generic dating sites. A closer examination, however, reveals some subtle differences. While the central focus of the page is to draw interested users to register, it also provides additional information about the site as you scroll down. Personally, this helped me to get a feel for what the site was about. It was refreshing to be able to easily access information such as the site’s terms and conditions, “about us’ and other informative sections. In doing so, I was able to conduct my own form of due diligence before deciding to start the registration process.

— GirlFriendsMeet Registration Process —

girlfriendsmeet Registration 2

girlfriendsmeet Registration 3

girlfriendsmeet Registration 5

girlfriendsmeet Registration 6

The registration process is intuitive and straightforward. You can choose to use your Facebook credentials to register, or you can opt for the more traditional method of using an email address and entering your basic personal information. Thanks to the transparency offered by the site, I felt comfortable to use my Facebook credentials to register.

— Look and Feel —

When you log into GirlFriendsMeet, the look, and feel of your member page is clean and welcoming. It does not overwhelm you with suggested members and upgrade options like more traditional dating sites. It allows you to settle in and appreciate the rich set of features that it has to offer at your own pace. The suggested profiles are present, but their presence is similar to that found on a social media site. Their presence is insightful — never intrusive.

I found this to be very conducive to my preferred style of acclimating myself to a new site. If I had a question as to what a particular feature did, or if I wanted to learn how to conduct a specific type of search, the “Help” section offered all the support I needed to find the answer to my question.

— Girlfriendsmeet Features —

The features on GirlFriendsMeet include:

  • Detailed search engine for finding potential matches
  • A member “liking” system
  • A method to “follow” profiles you find interesting
  • Ability to post public, as well as private photos
  • Online chat and messaging platform

In addition to the above-listed features, GirlFriendsMeet also offers an innovative graphical interface that helps you find matches based on a similar appreciation of movies, TV shows, music, and books. You start by clicking one of those categories and then you are taken to a page listing individual movie, show, book or song titles. By clicking on the titles that you like, you are taken to a page listing the image profiles of other members that share your tastes. You can see who is online at the moment and send a request to start a chat.

I found that feature to be extremely helpful in breaking the ice of initial contact. It’s a lot easier to start a conversation if you already have something you both like in common.

— Is Girlfriendsmeet Really Free —

I have had enough experience on traditional dating sites to know that the “free” version of some sites lack functionality. In the case of GirlFriendsMeet “free” is genuinely free. All of the site’s features are available to you without limitations. Even the messaging and online chat feature is fully functional. This was a refreshing surprise.

— The “Coin” System —

When I first heard about the GirlFriendsMeet “coin” system, I thought to myself, this must be how they get you. Certainly, this is how they will charge you in a roundabout way for using their system.

GFM Featrures Coins

Fortunately, that was not the case. The coins on the site are earned strictly by spending time on the site and interacting with other members — they are not purchased. The virtual coins are a way to promote continued use of the site. You can use your coin balance to obtain improved positioning of your profile on other members search results. Likewise, you can use them to send digital gifts to other members.

— Community Feel —

The entire site has a feeling of a real community. They even have a blog section that gives you great insight on how to find better matches, tips on dating, etc. — honest to goodness useful content.

The atmosphere that is created is one that is quite conducive for lesbian, bisexual and bi-curious women to engage with each other along lines of compatibility. It makes the discovery phase of your search for a match much more interesting and fun. At no time did I feel pressured or annoyed — unlike the atmosphere found on other sites.

In short, GirlFriendsMeet feels genuine to me. A place where I can spend time with like-minded women.