HookXup.com — Will I Actually Meet Someone?

I’d like a little help please. I am trying to join a site called hookxup.com. It’s supposed to be a site a lot of guys are meeting women on. I’ve seen countless videos of people claiming to have met a girl using this hookup site called hookxup. I tried to join. This may sound crazy but I can’t access it. I tried entering hookxup.com into my address bar but it didn’t work. Neither did www.hookxup.com. I then tried searching for it on multiple search engines, but I keep landing on some strange page. All is want is to meet a woman for a no strings attached relationship. I don’t like social media, and want to meet someone fast. Can you help me access hookxup.com or can you recommend another site that will allow me to meet someone fast?

I’d like to tackle the issue with hookxup.com but seeing as you seem to be in quite the hurry, check out our post on “quick hookups” when you’re ready to meet real locals in as little time as possible.

HookXup.com — PARKED

Back to hookxup.com. We attempted to access the site as well. We used multiple proxy locations in case it was a GEO issue and in every case, we were not able to access it either. The domain is currently parked. I’m not sure where you heard about this site but it is not in operation at the moment. If this is a temporary issue, we’ll let you know. If the site does reappear, we’ll notify you via e-mail and we will also come back here to edit our answer.

Simple Yet Effective Advice

I’d like to touch on one more issue. Based on your question, you seem to be on the wrong path when it comes to hooking up with people online. It’s imperative that you spend a little time on whichever site you do decide to sign up to. Being part of the “community” is a huge plus that will make a world of difference. Speeding through the registration process and putting out a thin profile will not work in most cases. Something a lot of people fail to understand is the actual importance of the profile. The way most of these type of sites’ algorithms work is by matching people based on common interests. When women perform a search, a blank profile won’t return any results. A blank profile will lead to you not being “discovered”.

We review many dating and hookup sites. In doing so, we don’t simply create one account. We create multiple accounts in multiple cities. We review from a male’s and female’s point of view. In every case, we take the time to fashion an interesting bio. The entire process usually takes us anywhere from 5-45 minutes per account on average. Most of the time, 15 minutes is enough. Factoring in our experience, we can probably do this twice as fast as you can. In your case, 10-90 minutes should do. It’s a one-time process that will enhance your experience ten-fold on pretty much any website. You mentioned not liking social media type sites. Meeting people online, however, IS a social experience. If you put a little love into your dating account, you will be rewarded. If you don’t bother making it interesting, no one will bother to check you out.