SocialSex Review — A Very Social Way of Hooking Up

Social networks have changed the way we communicate — to be more exact, they have changed the way we socialize. You’ve probably wondered why there isn’t a social network specifically designed for dating and finding hookups. Well, the reality is that there are dating and hookup sites that use a social network model. The reason most of you probably haven’t come across one is because you — like millions of other singles — have focused more on the “swiping” apps and have ignored other highly effective options.

socialsex review

Social Sex Review Results
  • Popularity - 88
  • Value - 84
  • Features - 89
  • Quality of Members - 81
  • Safety - 84
  • Customer Satisfaction - 80

Final Word on Social Sex

We found SocialSex to be an engaging and results-oriented hookup site. By incorporating categorized chatrooms and message boards, it unleashes the power of ‘social influence” to the online dating scene. Whether you use SocialSex as a traditional hookup site relying on its powerful search engine, or if you prefer to start slow — engaging in the chatrooms and message boards until you “click” with somebody — your odds of finding a hook up are strong. We would rate SocialSex as VERY GOOD and would strongly urge you to try it for yourselves.

— Pros and Cons of SocialSex —


  • 64 million worldwide user base
  • Genuine female members
  • Powerful search engine
  • Categorized chatrooms and message boards add to the social network feel of the site
  • Women get full membership for free
  • Webcam chat between members


  • Free version lacks substantial functionality
  • No mobile apps available

— In-Depth SocialSex Review —

Ever watchful for what might benefit our readers, we sought out the social network for hookups that was receiving the most buzz as of late. That led us to This is not a new entry into the market by any means. We have been aware of SocialSex since at least 2014. What brought it to light for us now, however, is the large uptick in the buzz that it has received these past few months. We were pleasantly surprised to discover that its user base has grown to a whopping 64 million active users worldwide. While we realize that a large user base does not automatically correlate with being a hookup success, the achievement — and the accompanying buzz that it has generated — definitely makes SocialSex deserving of a thorough review.

— First Look and Registration —

socialsex homepage

When you visit the welcome page for SocialSex you are greeted by a simple, yet elegant design. It focuses you on the purpose of the page — which is to get you started on your SocialSex journey. The registration process is fast and simple. All that is required is for you to enter some basic information, such as your gender, age, location, and the gender of the match you are looking for. An email validation step is required, but we found that the SocialSex validation email arrives in your inbox in a matter of seconds. During our test, we were in the members’ area with our basic membership in under five minutes.


There is also a visual incentive for completing the registration process. On the welcome page, you will notice a very attractive model on the left-side of the screen. As you advance along the registration process you will notice that an article of clothing comes off the model with each step. Yes, as you complete your registration you are treated to a little strip-tease show. Sure, this just eye candy, but it is a nice touch.

— SocialSex Features —

The main features on SocialSex consist of search, user webcams, online chat, community chat rooms and message boards. We found the search feature to be particularly robust. It is very easy to customize your search queries by a wide range of criteria. If you are eager to find a hookup within 10 miles of your location that is between the age of 22 and 25, blonde, of a certain height, smoker, casual drinker and who is into light S&M — you can configure the search engine to return only those members that match your desires. When we compare the SocialSex search engine to other online dating sites, we found it to be more accurate and discerning in its results.

Having online chat is nothing novel, but being able to amplify the power of online chat with webcam chat is outstanding. Let’s be honest, sometimes having the ability to take things to the next level while still online can greatly accelerate the process for a real-world hookup. In other cases, it can even allow you to expand your search area — and chances for a successful match — if you are willing to settle for an “online-only” hookup via webcam. We’ve all been there, there’s no shame in that. The fact that SocialSex can facilitate both types of hookups is a plus on the efficiency side of things.

The categorized chatrooms and message boards are what bring a real social network aspect to SocialSex. In our testing, we found that by spending some time in the chatrooms or by posting and following threads on the boards, we were able to engage with a large number of people. More importantly, those people that we engaged with resulted in private conversations and a few in actual invitations for face-to-face meetings. The topics on the chatrooms and message boards are as diverse and as kinky as your mind can fathom. They range from the helpful, such as “dating tips,” to the raunchy, such as “threesomes” and “fetish action” just to name a few.

— Cost of SocialSex —

SocialSex Cost

SocialSex is aware that having genuine female members is key in having a successful hookup site. It is for this reason that they offer women full membership for free. In our opinion, this practice proves worthwhile for SocialSex. During our test, we discovered a relatively low number of fake or automated profiles. Free membership for women results in a large number of real women actually being on the site.

SocialSex gives men access to a free membership, but it is designed primarily to showcase the site — it is not a practical option to get the full benefit of SocialSex. On the free version men cannot access the advanced search features, nor can they make use of the communication features. In order to make SocialSex a useful tool for finding hookups, men need to purchase a Gold or Silver membership. The Silver plan provides you with access to all of the site’s features for the exception of the member webcam feature. The Gold plan gives you access to everything, plus additional features, such as access to a hardcore adult movie database and giving your profile preferential placement on other members search results.

Gold membership has a cost of $34.95 for a one-month subscription. The Silver membership has a cost of $29.98 for a one-month membership. If you pay for three months in advance, you can lower the average monthly cost to $23.32 and $19.98 respectively.