SwingerZoneCentral Review — Old School Site for Swingers

Among the experienced swinging community in the United States, SwingerZoneCentral, also known as SZC, is fairly well known. Even so, those new to swinging may not be aware of the site. With this in mind, we conducted a review of SZC in order to provide you with a glimpse inside the platform. Is it as effective as some people say? What are its pros and cons? Is it really newbie friendly? By reading our SwingerZoneCentral review those questions and other doubts that you may have about SZC will be answered.

SwingerZoneCentral Review

SwingerZoneCentral Review Results
  • Popularity - 78
  • Value - 84
  • Features - 74
  • Quality of Members - 86
  • Safety - 81
  • Customer Satisfaction - 85

Final Word on SwingerZoneCentral

We are always pleased when we come across a hookup platform that can really deliver results to their members. SwingerZoneCentral, in spite of its "old school" look, is one of the most effective swinger platforms currently online. If you want to expand your swinging experience or just get started with it, we would definitely recommend that you give SwingerZoneCentral a shot.

We would rate SZC as EXCELLENT.

— Pros and Cons —


  • In continuous operation since 2006
  • Well respected and valued by experienced swingers
  • Great for experienced swingers and newbies
  • Excellent one-time payment lifetime membership offer is available
  • Very effective at meeting real people for real encounters


  • Site design and aesthetic is antiquated
  • Lack of native mobile apps
  • Site can be slow loading at times

— Who Is SwingerZoneCentral For? —

If you are a swinging couple or a single person interested in joining other like-minded adults for adult fun, you may not know which sites to trust to get in touch with the swinging community in a way that is fun, safe, and discreet. Even if you are already a member of another online dating or hookup site, you may find that those platforms may be adequate for meeting other individuals for encounters, but not so much when it comes to couples, swingers, and other multi-partner adventures.

SwingerZoneCentral.com is a website that has been in operation since 2006. Its entire focus is on the swinging community. This includes those who are experienced swingers, newbies, and the curious.

SwingerZoneCentral can best be described as an online community for the swinging community with an old school social media feel.

In terms of age, anyone 18 and over is welcome. The site is open to couples and individuals of all sexual orientations.

The community that SZC has forged over the years is one which is active while at the same time accommodating. This means that it will be seen as useful and effective by those who have been into swinging for years as well as those who are taking their first steps into the swinging scene. If you are experienced, you will find many like-minded adults equally as willing and experienced as you seeking to hookup. If you are new, you will find the community to be welcoming and eager to help you discover the fun and pleasure of group sex.

— Look and Feel —

One thing which you must be prepared for before entering SwingerZoneCentral is that its overall look and design aesthetic is vintage to its 2006 launch. The site has undergone minimal modifications since it first went online and, to some people, it will look “outdated.”


Allow us to state that even though SZC does have an “old school” look and it lacks native mobile apps — its dedication to the swinging community and the benefits that this community can derive from it are still top-notch.

Yes, you may have to be tolerant of slower page loading speeds when browsing through profiles. Yes, accessing it on a mobile browser might be a bit frustrating. Yes, at times it may remind you of a look reminiscent of your old MySpace or Friendster page. However, a little tolerance on your part regarding those issues will pay off large dividends in terms of the number of like-minded adults who you will meet and the sexual encounters that you are bound to have.

— Joining SwingerZoneCentral —

Joining SwingerZoneCentral is fast and easy. You can get the ball rolling on the site’s welcome page. There, you will find a quick registration form. By entering some basic information and agreeing to SZC’s terms of service, a free basic account will be opened for you.

While that is all you need to do to access SwingerZoneCentral, we would advise you to fill out your profile once you have accessed the platform. This means uploading images, adding descriptions of yourselves and the sort of people you are seeking, etc.

Adding detail to your profile will not only make your profile more appealing to other members who may be interested in you, but it will also provide you with a richer user experience.

SwingerZoneCentral restriction

For example, free members who have not uploaded a picture cannot open the profile pages of other members.

— Features —

SZC has all of the basic features that you would expect from any hookup platform. It has an internal messaging system and one-to-one live chat. Each of these modules performs their task well.

The unique features that caught our testers attention the most were the “sexting” and “booty call” options.

The “sexting” option allows you to send another user a message that is intended purely for sexting purposes. You can also receive these requests from others. You can accept, reject, or block each request. We found it very useful in that it clears the decks on the messaging and chat modules by concentrating sexting on its own channel.

The “booty call” feature is where you can locate members looking for action at a specified moment. You can browse through booty call notices in your area or you can post your own. All booty call notices must include the time frame that you are available for the booty call. For example, you can post that you are available for a booty call today, between 5 PM and 9 PM. If you spot a booty call that catches your eye, you can respond online to see if they accept you.

Other ways of finding people on SwingerZoneCentral include its search function as well as by browsing the “wall.”

The search function on SZC is not as fanciful or modern as other sites, but it does provide you with enough filtering options to make the suggested matches returned to you relevant.

The “wall” is reminiscent of a vintage Facebook timeline. You can scroll through status updates of others, view any pics they posted — in general use it as a passive tool to discover new people who you may be interested in meeting.

SZC has also sections dedicated to groups and parties. Groups are user-created forums which allow members to interact with each other online around a specific topic related to swinging. The parties section allows members to post invitations to swinger parties.

SwingerZoneCentral store

Some will find the online adult toy store offered by SwingerZoneCentral to be useful and practical. It offers many categories and options to find merchandise that will spice up any sexual encounter.

— Cost —

Basic access to SZC is free, but you are limited in the features that you can access. For example, in order to use the online chat module or the sexting feature, a paid membership is required.

SwingerZoneCentral pricing

A one-month membership costs $14.95, three-months $29.95, six-months $34.95, and one-year $54.95.

There is also a monthly auto-renewal option which lowers your monthly charge to $9.95. However, in our opinion, the best value comes from the lifetime membership which gives you full paid privileges — forever —for a one-time charge of only $59.95.

SwingerZoneCentral accepts credit and debit cards as a form of payment. Additionally, you can also pay via check or money order through snail mail. The latter is a good option for those who do not want anything related to “swinging” appearing on their card statements.