WantMatures Review — Cougar Trap or Just a Trap?

Our scrappy team of online testers conducted a full review of WantMatures based on their firsthand experience with the site over the course of several days. How did it do? Read our WantMatures review and find out.

WantMatures Review

WantMatures Review Results
  • Popularity - 46
  • Value - 42
  • Features - 59
  • Quality of Members - 35
  • Safety - 47
  • Customer Satisfaction - 40

Final Word on WantMatures

Our final word on WantMatures can be expressed in two words, "stay away." If you are serious about meeting mature women for hookups or long-term prospects, you will be disappointed if you join this site.

We rate it as a FAIL.

— Pros and Cons —


  • Fast and easy registration process
  • Allows for videos to be uploaded to profiles


  • Full of fake profiles and chatbots
  • Relentless in their upselling efforts
  • Userbase pulls in profiles from other non-cougar sites

— WantMatures.com’s Purpose —

Cougars, MILFs, mature honeys… there are many ways to refer to a hot and desirable mature woman. There also many ways to find and meet mature women seeking the company of younger men. Most of these involve the use of the all-powerful internet. Yes, kids, the internet is for more than just watching cat videos. It can also be used to find hot cougars.

Undoubtedly, you want to know which hookup sites offer the latest and the best resources for finding and meeting mature babes seeking the energetic and lustful prowess that only a younger stud such as yourself can provide.

WantMatures.com is a hookup site that fits perfectly into this category. It promotes itself as being able to bring younger men and eager older women together.

The question is, can it?

Can WantMatures turn your “want” into your “reward” or is it just too good to be true?

— What You Are Made to Expect —

When you first visit the WantMatures website, you are presented with a modern looking welcome page, a quick signup form, and if you scroll further down, additional information about what the site claims to offer to its users.

wantmatures.com Homepage

If you were to rely solely on the information provided on this welcome page, you would think that you have stumbled onto something good. After all, the site claims to provide “fast and easy online dating for mature singles.” It further touts itself as being “an advanced and user-friendly dating site.” Digging deeper, it even promises to deliver “happiness in one click.” Unfortunately, our experience on the WantMatures platform was totally contrary to what they seem to be promising on their welcome page.

— The Registration Process —

We will admit, the registration process for WantMatures is fast and simple. As a new registrant, you must provide your gender, the gender of the person you are seeking, your age, a valid email address, your choice of password to access the site, and your ZIP code.

wantmatures.com Registration

From there, there are a few additional steps that involve validating your registration by entering a numeric code that is sent to the email that you entered at registration.

wantmatures Email Verification

The final steps involved are optional. These include uploading a profile picture, entering some basic information about your physical attributes — very basic and rudimentary information, nothing in depth.

wantmatures profile

While from a front-end perspective this may sound convenient, in practical application it can create many problems. Chief among them, it allows for the site to be easily overwhelmed by fake and outdated profiles.

— The User Interface —

Once you register for an account, you can access WantMatures’ user platform. Its overall look is clean and the majority of users should be able to understand its navigation structure almost immediately.

In terms of platform versions, WantMatures is primarily a desktop platform. There are no native mobile apps to access the service. There is a mobile browser version of the site but that will require you to use your phone’s mobile browser. Our testers found that the mobile version’s performance varied tremendously depending on your connection speed and telephone specs.

The most exciting thing about the interface was that it allows users to upload videos in addition to images on their profiles.

— User Experience —

To be honest, all of our testers expressed disappointment in the user experience that they obtained on WantMatures. They all described it as “ineffective and bothersome.”

The main complaint was that the site lacked genuine female members. The profiles that proclaimed to belong to women were either fake or inactive. Either way, the end result was that all four of our testers were never able to engage in a conversation with a real female member over the course of five days.

This does not mean that our testers were not receiving conversation requests and incoming messages. To the contrary, while our members were registered as free users these types of incoming messages were numerous and frequent. Unfortunately, they all appeared to come from chatbots.

When we analyzed the terms of service of WantMatures closely, we discovered that the site reserves the right to engage with their members through fictitious profiles for “entertainment and marketing” purposes. In other words, the primary action on the platform is fake.

The main purpose of these chatbots and fake profiles is to get new registrants to upgrade to a paid membership.

Another aspect of WantMatures that creates a negative user experience is the fact that the site itself is nothing more than a conduit to a larger dating network. This means that not only must you endure chatbots and fake profiles, but even if you were to decide to browse or search for potential partners, the results that will be returned to you are not going to be exclusive to who you would expect to find on a site that is supposed to be dedicated to mature women.

WantMatures is operated by Northlock Holdings and in their search results, they return profiles belonging two dozens of other sites controlled by that parent company. These include general dating sites, sites focusing on specific ethnicities, sites focusing on younger women — your search results will be full of profiles covering every category of women with only a sprinkling of actual cougars. Of course, specific observation is mute since all of those profiles are in all likelihood artificial anyway.

— Cost —

By now, it should be clear that our testers were not at all satisfied with WantMatures. However, in the event that you are curious about joining, here are the costs involved.

$4.24 to purchase a three-day trial.
$27.99 to buy a 30-day membership to access the site.
$56.97 to buy a 90-day membership to access the site.
$95.94 to buy a 180-day membership to access the site.

Be advised that the prices shown to you when you upgrade may vary as our testers did notice that the site offered different pricing. Some of our testers had discounts of up to 25 percent reflected on their price sheet while others did not. We were unable to identify the trigger mechanism for this.