Tawkify Review — Adding the Human Touch

We reviewed Tawkify to find out exactly how it works, what services it offers, and how — if at all — it could be a viable alternative to more traditional dating sites. Here are the results of our Tawkify review.

tawkify review

Tawkify Review Results
  • Popularity - 64
  • Value - 72
  • Features - 79
  • Quality of Members - 84
  • Safety - 94
  • Customer Satisfaction - 84

Final Word on Tawkify

Tawkify is definitely a VIP online dating service. It is so unique that there aren't many other sites to compare it to. Even with little competition, Tawkify has been able to position itself as a superb dating service. While its price will hold many people back, if you can afford it, you should try their services.

We rate Tawkify as EXCELLENT.

— Pros and Cons —


  • Matchmaking is handled by trained professional matchmakers, not algorithms
  • 80 percent success rate
  • Dates are curated and planned for you


  • Expensive
  • You have no way to search for compatible matches yourself
  • Not available in all cities
  • A telephone interview is required to be approved for an account

— In-Depth Tawkify Review —


If we were to ask you, “what is an online dating site?” chances are that you would respond that it is a website or smartphone app that allows you to search through the profiles of other people to find someone who is compatible with you. That answer, for the most part, is correct. There is, however, a unique exception to that definition. We are talking about a dating service known as Tawkify. This site removes the active role that users normally would have in the search process. In other words, when you join Tawkify, someone else takes care of finding compatible matches for you. While that may be an oversimplification of the service, it is in essence what it does.

— What Makes Tawkify Unique —

The greatest unique feature about Tawkify is its level of personalization. Unlike other dating sites that rely almost entirely on technology, Tawkify relies on human beings. You see, Tawkify does not have a matchmaking algorithm. It does not rely on complex search engines and metrics. When a person registers on Tawkify a team of personal matchmakers will evaluate the user and then manually comb through other users to find who would be compatible with them. While this may seem slow and antiquated, it also opens the door to a more realistic set of results.

If this were to be the only differentiating factor for Tawkify, it would still be enough to make it unique in the market. However, Tawkify goes even further. Not only does it use human powered matchmaking, but it also literally takes care of everything associated with the first meeting between members. What Tawkify does is package everything associated with finding a partner online — from matchmaking to the first date.

As a generic example, imagine that you are a member on Tawkify. A personal matchmaker will find compatible candidates for you. This matchmaker then takes what is known about both users and proceeds to organize the first date. This includes selecting the location and the time. They can even make the reservations. Both individuals have nothing to worry about but to agree on the time and, of course, show up.

— Registration Process —

Now that you have a clearer idea of how Tawkify functions, perhaps you’re curious about registering for the service. The registration process for Tawkify is slightly different than most online dating sites. First, you have two methods for registering.

One involves calling the Tawkify 800 number and taking care of the entire process over the telephone. The other method is using the online registration feature. Registering online involves providing information about yourself and the match that you are seeking. You must enter your gender, location, date of birth, ethnicity, and height. You also must provide your level of income, the reason that you are using the service and mention any other dating sites or services that you are currently using. You are also asked what area of the world you are seeking to find your match and what your current relationship status is, as well as how you identify yourself religiously.

When it comes to identifying what you look for in a match, you are asked to enter what type of person you would consider being a top quality match. You’re also asked what your relationship goal is and to list your specific relationship hang-ups. This latter question can include things such as people that are too clingy, too extroverted, too self-centered, etc. You are also asked to list your standout traits.

— Questionnaire —

The registration questionnaire on Tawkify is not as lengthy as personality-driven matchmaking sites, such as eHarmony, but you should plan on spending 15 to 30 minutes to properly complete the process.

tawkify registration tawkify registration 2

Remember, a real person is going to be looking at your answers. While some answers are selected from a drop-down menu of options, others require you to write them out yourself. Be honest and sincere, write in a tone that is natural to you. That is the purpose of these questionnaires — it is for the human matchmaker to get as accurate of a feel as is possible for the sort of person that you are.

Even if you choose the online registration method, a telephone interview with a Tawkify representative is still mandatory to be approved for an account. Tawkify explains that this is necessary because their entire matchmaking process is a human endeavor. That means that the actual act of hearing your voice — verifying any doubts about your profile in person — is considered essential to providing you with the best matches possible.

You can schedule the Tawkify telephone interview for a date and time that is most convenient for you. During our evaluation, the average time that these telephone interviews took was 12 minutes. It may seem somewhat lengthy, but the Tawkify interviewers on the other end of the phone are very nice and polite. You are made to feel comfortable throughout the entire process and they are very helpful in answering any questions that you have about the interview as well as the Tawkify service in general.

— Cost —

tawkify cost

It should be expected for a service as unique as Tawkify to have a pricing model that is radically different from other dating sites.

There are two levels of service available on Tawkify. One makes you a “member” and has a registration fee of $99. This places your profile in the Tawkify database and the matchmaking team will notify you whenever you are considered to be compatible with another client. The matchmakers are not actively seeking to match you — you are solely one of many who may be matched with active clients.

The second level makes you a “client.” At this level, the human matchmakers actively curate potential matches for you. A three-month introductory plan has a cost of $1,797. This includes your own personal matchmaker, six matches, curated and crafted dating experiences, and dating advice and guidance. As Tawkify describes it, it’s like having your very own dating concierge.

— User Experience —

On Tawkify the user experience is quantified directly by results as opposed to ease of use or style of user interfaces. Based on data from past Tawkify clients, 80 percent of users are able to find a compatible match within a six-month period.

One minor drawback is that, as of September 2017, Tawkify focuses on providing the curated dating experience exclusively in 32 cities. That means that if you are seeking to meet people outside of those areas, Tawkify will not be able to accommodate you.

In terms of attention to detail and a near flawless execution — on all fronts — Tawkify definitely takes the cake.