What Exactly is a Social Discovery Dating Site?

I’ve been doing a lot of research recently in order to find one or two dating sites that I could join. I am looking for someone with long-term potential. I’m really not interested in one-night stands or anything like that. In my research, I’ve come across some dating sites that describe themselves as “social discovery dating sites.” Is there a difference between these and other dating sites? If so, how do they function? Are they worth my time?

what are social discovery dating sites

The term “social discovery dating site” is one which has been growing in popularity over the past two years. Not all sites that describe themselves as such, however, are genuine social discovery dating sites. One such example is a site we recently reviewed called HitWe.

In order to be a proper social discovery dating site, it must use what is known as a “social network matrix” as part of their matchmaking algorithm. While that may sound complex, you are probably already familiar with a social network matrix. If you’ve ever used Facebook, you are part of a social network matrix.

Essentially, they utilize the information and interactions of their users to learn about their likes and dislikes. In so doing, when these sites present suggested matches, they are in theory more relevant to your own interests. The more you use them, the more they learn about you and the better your user experience.

In terms of appearance, most social discovery dating sites will have a user interface that resembles those of popular social networks, such as Facebook. This can be seen as another advantage in using these types of dating sites. The majority of people will be familiar with how to navigate and use them.

For individuals that prefer to maintain as much privacy and discretion in their online dating endeavors, these types of sites may not be their best choice. Otherwise, they can be quite effective.

While they may require more participation on the part of the user, the matchmaking potential that they offer can approximate that of dating sites that rely on complex personality analysis. Also, in terms of cost, most social discovery dating sites tend to fall on the more affordable end of the pricing scale.

We hope that this clears things up for you and good luck to you in your online dating pursuits.