Trans App Review — The App for Transgender Singles

There are more transgender dating apps today than there were just two or three years ago. However, their number do not approach those of traditional or gay dating sites.

Trans is a transgender dating app that identifies itself as “the best transgender dating app in the world.” That is quite a powerful boast. Obviously, we couldn’t let such a claim go by without checking Trans out for ourselves.

We conducted a review of the Trans app in order to help you determine not only if it is truly the best, but also to help you decide if it is right for you.

Trans Dating App Review

Trans App Review Results
  • Popularity - 51
  • Value - 44
  • Features - 53
  • Quality of Members - 58
  • Safety - 61
  • Customer Satisfaction - 52

Final Word on Trans

Trans passes the test of being a genuine app aimed at the transgender community. However, the overall user experience that it provides cannot be considered top tier. In our opinion, the user experience offered by Trans does not merit what they charge for membership. Yes, you may find some lovely people on Trans — yes, you may even be able to hook up or find a long-term partner, but there are other sites that are far more cost effective.

We would rate Trans as mildly FAIR.

— Pros and Cons —


  • Available for Android and iOS
  • Worldwide membership base
  • Intuitive and simple user interface


  • Paid membership required for any real functionality
  • Profiles allow little room for detail
  • Paid membership set on auto-renewal by default
  • Presence of some fake and inactive profiles

— Target Audience —

The Trans app is focused on those members of the transgender community who identify as transgender, in transition, crossdressers, and tgirls. Having a worldwide reach, Trans is open to anyone over the age of 18.

Roughly half of the membership on Trans consists of heterosexual and bisexual men who do not identify as transsexual but who wish to date someone who is.

— Available Platforms —

trans dating app

Trans is a mobile-only app. It is available for Android and iOS devices. Our testers did not encounter any technical issues with either version of the app during the testing. Installation is straightforward and the user interface is in line with contemporary standards.

— Building Your Profile —

The profiles on Trans are structured to be superficial. We do not mean this as a criticism, just as an observation. Trans only allows you to include basic information about yourself such as age, location, gender, etc. It is difficult to capture the nuance of your personality within the confines of a Trans profile.

If you are using Trans to facilitate casual encounters and hookups, that should be sufficient. If, however, you plan on using Trans for finding long-term partners, the shallow nature of the profiles means that you cannot rely on profile scanning as an effective vetting tool.

You can upload multiple images of yourself to your profile. You can select which image you want to serve as your primary profile picture. Trans claims that they manually review the profiles and images of new members. During our test, however, it seemed as if they applied a more sporadic automated review process.

We say this because our six testers all used profile structures that were similar to one another and which were within the norms established by the app’s terms of use. All of the images uploaded by the testers were also within the guidelines. Out of six testers, four were approved almost instantly. The remaining two had to wait approximately 90 minutes to have their profiles approved. We took this to mean that only one-third of new profiles are selected at random for “review.”

As far as the presence of fake and inactive profiles, we did encounter some on Trans, but not so many as to be considered a problem.

— Discovering Potential Partners —

There are two ways to meet people on Trans. One is to use the app’s search and discovery function which allows you to search for members who match your search criteria. Mind you, the search filters that you can apply pretty much parallel the simplistic structure of the profiles, so you can only filter for the basics — age, location, etc. If you come across the profile of someone you are interested in, you can send them a wink or a message. It is then up to them to respond or not. Likewise, in your notifications area, you will receive winks and message requests from others.

trans app match

The second way to discover potential partners on Trans is to play the “Spark” game. This is your run of the mill swiping game. You are presented with potential matches and you must then swipe right to “like” or left to “pass.” If there is a mutual “like,” both partners will be notified so that they may be able to message each other.

We found the “Spark” game on Trans to be uninspired. After all, you can message other members from their profile page, so why bother to play the game at all? Yes, it might be seen by some as a way to make the “search and discovery” phase more fun, but others will find that it adds little to the overall user experience.

— The Community —

Our testers found the “Moments” feature to be the most genuine and engaging segment of the app. It is the area where members can post status updates, upload images — a sort of wall for their life and activities.

trans app status

If you are interested in getting to know more about the members on Trans, the “Moments” section is your best bet. You can really get a feel for a person’s personality on “Moments” more than on the profile pages of Trans.

— Cost —

Trans is advertised as being “free” to use. We found that technically to be correct, but for all practical purposes, “free” would be an inaccurate way to describe the app.

You see, downloading and installing Trans is free. So too is setting up your account profile. You can even scroll through the profile pictures of other members for free. However, if you want to do anything beyond that, such as to send a message to another remember or respond to a message that was sent to you, you must be a paid member.

Trans App Cost

The paid version of Trans is known as “Trans Gold.” It requires you to pay for a monthly subscription. One month will cost you $15.99, three months will be $35.99, and six months $54.99.

It is important to note that all of these subscription packages come with auto-renewal by default. This means that if you neglect to cancel your subscription or fail to deactivate auto-renewal before your paid subscription period expires, you will be automatically charged for another period of equal length.