Whiplr App Review — A Messenger With the Good Kind of Kinks

Imagine an online messaging app mashing up with 50 Shades of Grey. That’s an effective way of describing the messaging and hookup app known as Whiplr. With a name like that, you know that it has to be some sort of kinky hookup app or else a non-dairy whipped dessert topping.

whiplr app review

Whiplr App Review Results
  • Popularity - 64
  • Value - 84
  • Features - 84
  • Quality of Members - 85
  • Safety - 86
  • Customer Satisfaction - 81

Final Word on Whiplr

Whiplr, in our opinion, is very effective as an app for those seeking to find like-minded adults looking to explore their sexual kinks. It would definitely not be recommended for any other purpose, such as basic hookups or dating. If you are a kinkster, we rate Whiplr as EXCELLENT. Anybody else, it would probably be best to stay away — unless you're curious.

— Pros and Cons of Whiplr —


  • Available for Android and iPhone
  • Free (with served ads)
  • Active and dedicated community of users
  • A large variety of kinks and fetishes


  • Mobile-only
  • The smaller your population center, the less effective it might be

— In-Depth Whiplr App Review —

whiplr app homepage

Whiplr uses the slogan “The Messenger With Kinks.” This app takes the concept of a fetish hookup to a whole new level. It is designed for people who have — or wish to explore — sexual kinks. Whiplr takes over where apps like Tinder leave off. Yes, folks, there is a whole other world of naughtiness out there.

Obviously, this app is not going to be for everybody. If, however, you have grown frustrated with other general hookup apps because they don’t foster the level of contact with the kinkster community, then Whiplr might be promising for you.

In order to help those members of our readership that are kinksters, we joined Whiplr and dove into the world of fetishism and kinks. Keep in mind, we did this purely for your benefit — our personal pleasure was never taken into consideration. You know that we willingly sacrifice whatever is necessary to bring you insight on the latest hookup apps. Anyway, what are a few spankings if they help us bring to our readers the most thorough review possible, right? With that said, here is our Whiplr app review.

— Whiplr Confidentiality —

In joining an app such as Whiplr, trusting that you have full privacy and confidentiality is important. In that regard, Whiplr offers the full spectrum of data security and encryption that is required to ensure that your profile and conversations are safe from prying eyes. You can even PIN protect the app to make sure nobody can open it if you lend or lose your phone.

Also, on the back-end, Whiplr applies strict confidentiality rules when it comes to third-party advertising. While third-party advertisements are served, none of your personal data is ever given out to marketers, All advertising on the app is cleared through a privacy protocol. Additionally, you can opt out of all advertising altogether by upgrading to a paid membership.

— Installing and Joining Whiplr —

whiplr app

The Whiplr app is available for Android and iPhone devices. It is downloadable for free from their respective repositories. After installation, you are required to establish an account on the app. The basic account is free. To register you must provide a valid email, choose a screen name and password. This gets the account launcher going.

whiplr app Registration

From there, you must build your profile. Unlike generic hookup apps, a fetish/kinkster site such as Whiplr requires the input of intimate details of your sexual life in order to be effective.

On this app, you must divulge your sexual orientation, physical attributes, age, and other basic details — however, each “basic” detail also requires elaboration. A good example is when users choose “bisexual” as their sexual orientation. The app doesn’t leave it at that. It requests that you expand upon the “degree” of your bisexuality. For example, whether your partners have been 20 percent women and 80 percent men. The same comes into play when you describe your kinks. Are you a novice, expert, experimenter, etc?

whiplr app profile

Yes, the hard-core nature of the questions can cause you to step back briefly, but when you think about it — how else will you match up with someone for something as intimately personal as sexual kinks? The only way is by being honest about what you like and to what magnitude you wish to pursue a particular kink. In our opinion, this level of detail at the profile-building stage is excellent. It makes for a user base that is more genuine and makes for more successful pairings.

— Types of Kinks and Fetishes on Whiplr —

Whiplr is not some mild or simple BDSM app. You can find some very fringe and kinky categories here. You can select categories such as “odors” and “body sounds.” If you have a kink — as long as it’s legal — your bound to find someone that shares it on Whiplr.

whiplr app kinks

One thing that we discovered during our test was that as important as selecting the right kinks on your profile is, your profile greeting is usually the determining factor in increasing your chances of finding a hookup. When we posted our kinks and used a generic greeting, such as “open-minded, waiting for some fun,” we got significantly fewer conversation requests and responses than when we used something more descriptive. Example: “very active with toys, looking for an assistant.”

— Our Results on Whiplr —

In our test, we had two males and two females open accounts. On the app, each identified as being bisexual to some degree. The kinks that were used were… well, we’ll keep those private. Suffice it to say that the women received on average four times more messages than the men. That is actually a very good response mix. On generic hookup sites, the male to female message ratio is usually much higher. That means that there is more gender parity regarding communication on Whiplr. How about that — nothing like kinkiness to help foster equality.

Over the course of five days, our four testers amassed 140 incoming messages from other members. The average distance to where these members were located was 3.5 miles. Again, not bad.

When it comes to getting a response to messages when our testers initiated the contact — our two male users had a 21 percent reply rate to their messages, the female testers had a 48 percent response rate.

— Cost of Whiplr App—

whiplr app cost

Whiplr is free to join. You are able to access all of its communication features, but there are some daily limits that are imposed on you. During our testing, we were only able to initiate 20 conversations on the app with other members. A paid upgrade allows you to enter the “Dekadom” level of membership. This gives you unlimited messaging, as well as voice and video chat.The cost to enter Dekadom is $19.99 per month. You can choose to pay $79.99 for a six-month membership.

whiplr app cost upgrade benefits