Why do my messages to women on BlackWink.com keep going unanswered?

I paid for a premium membership on BlackWink.com and have been messaging several women that I found to have appealing profiles. Most of them are from my local area. Even so, to date, I have only received two replies and those replies were short and vague. I am beginning to think that they didn’t even come from a real person. Is it me? Is it the way that I structure my messages? I’m no Shakespeare, but I think that I have a decent writing style. Is there something fishy with BlackWink.com that I should know about? Did I waste my money on this site?

BlackWink Messages Going Unanswered

Your experience with BlackWink.com is not unusual. Unfortunately, BlackWink.com is one of those dating sites that looks appealing on the surface. However, in reality, it offers a very poor user experience. You may want to check out our review of BlackWink to learn about all of the reasons why that particular site should be avoided.

From what you described in your question, we would dare say that those two replies that you received came from automated messaging software — not from real women. This is a complaint that is all too frequent from male members of BlackWink.

Depending on the length of the membership that you purchased, you will likely experience a large uptick in messages when the expiration date of your membership approaches. When that happens, be very cautious. BlackWink is known for sending those types of messages from fake profiles in order to lure you into extending your paid membership.

We hate being the bearers of bad news — unfortunately, your chances of having your messages answered on this site are going to be very slim. By our estimation the majority of the female profiles on this site are bogus. In other words, they are fake profiles designed and used exclusively to communicate with male members — such as yourself — in order to appear as if there is genuine interaction occurring on the site.

You would be well-advised to cancel your membership and spend your money on other sites that are reputable and will help you meet real women. Feel free to peruse through our dating site reviews to see which dating site is best for you.