How Can I Get a Free AdultFriendFinder Gold Membership?

I really enjoy AdultFriendFinder. I haven’t been a member for long, but I really like the open-minded people that are on there. I’ve already met a couple of ladies on there who really rocked my world. I understand that there are ways to earn free upgrades to Gold membership status. Mind you, paying for the upgrade is well worth it. I’ll continue to do so. However, if there is a way to get something for free, why not, right? Is there such a way on AdultFriendFinder? If so, what do I have to do? Thanks a lot. I sure appreciate any information on this.


How to Get a Free Membership on

Dear AFF Fan,

AdultFriendFinder is a pioneer and leader in the online dating industry. It is no surprise that you have obtained good results with it. 85 million people around the world can’t be wrong in using it.

Addressing the core of your question. Yes, AFF does have a way for its members to earn points which they can use to upgrade to a Gold membership.

The Points System

AFF awards points to its members for specific activities performed on the site. This is to encourage engagement and generate a richer user experience for everybody.

4,000 points are required for one free month of an AdultFriendFinder Gold membership.

Ways to Earn Points

Upload pictures. Each one is worth 100 points. You will be capped at 500 points for this activity.

Answer all, we do mean ALL, of the questions in the “Additional Questions” section and you earn an easy 300 points.

If you’re good at writing, write blog posts on AFF. Each one is worth 30 points. This is capped at 300 points total.

You can also comment on the blog posts of others for 30 points each.

In the “Magazine” section you can respond to questions. Each answer gets you 30 points.

While you are in the “Magazine” section you can also vote on articles and replies. Each vote is worth a cool 20 points.

If you post a video, each one has a value of 100 to 200 points. They cap you here at 1,000 points.

Posting comments on the pictures or videos of others gets you 2 points per comment. The cap here is at 1,000 points.

Group posts will get you 30 points each.

Easy, Right?

If you enjoy engaging on AFF, by varying your forms of engagement just a bit, you can earn a lot of points. You can soon enjoy a free month’s worth of a Gold membership that way. More importantly, you would have interacted more with the community and probably gotten lucky more often in the process. Adultfriendfinder is a great option for online hookups. It has been listed on our 5 best hookup sites page for 3 consecutive years. Read our full review here.