Sex Dating Apps That Work – 4 Apps Designed to Get You Laid

In this post, we’re going to reveal the 4 sex dating apps that will actually get you laid. Before you start installing every app out there, be forewarned — in order to improve your chances of getting laid you must choose wisely. Some apps work better than others. Being cognizant and empathetic to our readers’ “needs,” we prepared a list of sex dating apps that will get you results.

Sex Dating Apps

Another weekend has come and gone in which you idled your time away playing video games and eating cold pizza in your apartment. Maybe to break the monotony you played a game of “what’s that smell?” or finally removed the dead pigeon that was clogging up the gutter in your patio. Yes, there’s no way around it, your life is a pathetic pit of smoldering loneliness.

You could react with indifference figuring that some of the world’s greatest geniuses, such as Nikola Tesla, died alone in a hotel room — ironically after forming sentimental bonds with pigeons similar to the one you just removed from your gutter. By golly, if Sir Isaac Newton himself — the pioneer of modern calculus and physics — could go an entire lifetime without knowing what it was like to feel the sexual touch of another human being, why can’t you, right?

Unfortunately, the rather lengthy list of URLs in your web browser’s history belonging to every type of porn site imaginable tells a different story. After all, you spend nearly as much on tissues and hand cream as you do on groceries every month. Yes, my friend, you need real sex and you need it now.

What to do, what to do? Sex robot technology is still at the embryonic stage, so what options are left for you? Three words — Sex Dating Apps.

— 4 Sex Dating Apps that Work —

— AdultFriendFinder—

Sex Dating App 1 - Adultfriendfinder

Let’s begin with the granddaddy of all hookup sites,, or as we cool people know it, AFF. This site offers you a treasure trove of possibilities when it comes to finding like-minded people. Of course, by ‘like-minded’ we mean, horny and available.

Founded in 1996, AFF has had over two decades to hone and perfect its platform to become one of the best for finding open-minded singles, swingers, cheating spouses, fetishists — you name it, you will find it on AFF.

What most people praise about AdultFriendFinder is how you can find results whether you are actively tweaking your profile and conducting daily detailed searches, or if you just set things on automatic and wait for notifications to come in from those interested in you. Yes, the former is faster in getting results than the latter, but if you’re busy and can’t interact on a daily basis, you will still have luck on AFF. This is due to the popularity that the site has. There are so many members that your chances are automatically increased for finding a match compared to other sites.

Available for desktop and mobile use, AdultFriendFinder allows you to access the action regardless of where you are. With excellent forums, live chat, video chat and a powerful search engine, AFF is definitely in the “it works” column.

— Tinder —

Tinder hookup app

We would be remiss if we did not mention Tinder. For those that view desktop PCs as ancient relics, apps such as Tinder provide an excellent way to find and hook up with people in their area seeking casual encounters. The scope of reach that Tinder has gives it a user base that numbers in the millions. More importantly, the majority of its user base is active on the app at least once a week.

If you are looking for a fast, fun and convenient way to find a no-strings-attached encounter any time of the day or night, Tinder can help. Free and available for iPhone and Android devices, you have no excuse not to use it unless you insist on not abandoning your exclusive commitment to your Windows phone. Besides, what will your future grandchildren say to you if they were to find out that you weren’t part of the early 21st-century Tinder craze?

— Pure —

pure hookup app

A little purity in the method for finding some purely casual sex is a pure delight. Okay, sorry about that. It is, however, the pure truth that the Pure app is an effective way to get you off the couch and start getting yourself laid.

Pure is a mobile-only location-based app that adds the element of privacy and discretion to your hound dog ways. In a nutshell, you post a hookup request inclusive of a selfie and wait for the ladies to contact you.

These requests are automatically deleted after one hour. That means that you should only post when you are ready to dive into action. Users report getting great results with Pure due to the immediacy of action that it creates with its “self-destructing” messages. In other words, when contact is made both parties don’t waste time on idle chit-chat. Everyone knows that on Pure you mean “business” and there’s no time to waste.

— Whiplr —

whiplr hookup app

If you are fond of the operating concept used by Pure but your tastes a little more daring, then Whiplr is the sex dating app for you. Similar to Pure, it dispenses with idle “getting to know each other” chat and encourages matches to get to it. Whiplr is meant to bring fetishists and kinksters together.

Are you into feet but too embarrassed to ask if she is? Whiplr will only match you with women who don’t mind a little tongue on toe action. Do you want to be dominated? No need to passively suggest it to see how she reacts, Whiplr will only match you with eager dominatrixes ready to put the “oh, so good” hurt on you.

If you are really open-minded and want to explore your kinks in the real world, Whiplr is an excellent bet.

— Sex Dating Apps – Honorable Mentions —

There are other sex dating apps that do a good job at getting you laid. We bundled these for honorable mention as they perform very similarly to the ones mentioned above. These include Blendr, the straight version of Grindr. There is Down, the app that helps you to hook up with your Facebook friends. Don’t tell us that you no longer have the hots for your 11th-grade trigonometry teacher, we know you do. There is also Tingle, an app that works very much like TikiTalk and helps you to hook up spontaneously based on where you happen to be.

— Technology Ain’t Gonna Let You Down —

In the days of analog television and cars without airbags, your only hope to find some casual action required you to actively hit the singles bars day after day. Not only was that time consuming and expensive, but it also put a ton of wear-and-tear on your permanent-press polyester sports jackets.

Fortunately, in the present day, we have the technology to make hooking up fast and easy. Try some of the sex dating apps that we mentioned here and you will finally be able to become the casual sex connoisseur that you always knew you could be.